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I introduce myself, my name is Ivan Gassam, passionate about drawing since childhood. After having completed 3 years of course at the Beaux-Arts de Poitiers, I decided to start as a self-entrepreneur and do my best to live my passion! What I like most about drawing is the fact of being able to give free rein to his imagination and to write on paper our craziest cravings.

Passionate about the history of art, my concept idea came to me by documenting me on Pablo Picasso. He wanted that his works not to be reserved for an elite, but for them to be accessible to all social categories. I also share this vision of things and that's what pushed me to embark on this project. My inspirations come from the world of fashion, trains (my second passion), the beauty of nature around us and art in general (cinema, music, painting, architecture ...).

I work by collection, making several drawings on the same theme. The collections are very diversified, several different themes are proposed to you. I realize all the drawings myself, by hand, by working with high quality tools: markers, paint, pastels, pencils, ... Each drawing is then scanned and printed in France on high quality paper, in limited edition, numbered and signed. Each of them is joined with a certificate of authenticity, which makes each print a unique piece and therefore a real work of art at affordable price. You also have the option to order the draw alone or to buy a customizable frame with the draw of your choice. A wide choice of bright colors is available. Delivery in mainland France is offered for all products.

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